How traincards influence behaviour and affect choice - on-train and off-train


Earlier this year we at KBH carried out our most ambitious research project to date. Working with Dipsticks, we interviewed 2000 people, all of whom travelled on a trainline with KBH traincards at least once a week (42% daily). Our respondents were 84% ABC1 with an average journey time of 38 minutes.

Research headlines:

  • 90% use a smartphone on the train
  • 50% of their journey is spent on a connected device - an average of 20 minutes
  • On the train connected activities span texting to working to enjoying entertainment to researching and making purchases
  • They do more with data on-train than we might have thought: not only watching / listening to entertainment but also streaming and even downloading content
  • 94% notice traincards
  • As a result of traincard advertising, 48% have researched something, 33% talked to someone and 24% bought something
  • Traincard ads’ recall lasts: respondents didn’t just act on a traincard prompt straight away, but at various times - 27% have made a purchase as the result of a traincard ‘a few days later’


We also asked questions about a wide variety of advertiser categories and use of specific brands within those categories. Browse the attached brochure to learn more, and contact us for details.