KBH CEO Ian Reynolds was a guest contributor on DailyDOOH writing about the enhanced benefits of classic OOH in a digital age. 

"Classic media enables consumers to ‘opt in’ to digital prompts at a time and place of their choosing. They’re given the information they need in order to go online via the static ad; when they want to find out more, the ball’s in their court."

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KBH Group CEO Ian Reynolds was again featured on the Huffington Post website, this time talking about why consumer behaviour is key when planning OOH for a campaign: "OOH advertisers need to react and start thinking about creating and planning campaigns to target behaviour, rather than demographics."

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"Very few media channels allow a brand to sit in the ‘shop window’ for 40 minutes a day. When you combine this with increasing numbers of mobile shoppers who use their device at every stage on the path to purchase, it makes for a unique, potentially business-changing communications opportunity."

- Ian Reynolds on Huffington Post writing about the relationship between OOH and mobile commerce. Read the article here.

Ian Reynolds was featured on Outsmart's blog talking about the 'coming of age' of the Traincard format. He wrote: "The behaviours and demands of audiences may have drastically changed over the 18 years since KBH Traincards were introduced, however on board messaging continues to own its space."

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"The festival helped solidify some of out-of-home’s (OOH) established selling points (scale, frequency, audience), but also pointed to future possibilities."

KBH Group CEO Ian Reynolds writes for Brand Republic's The Wall Blog on what out-of-home can learn from the Lumiere Festival. Read the full article here.

Tapping into commuter commerce is becoming increasingly important to businesses. A recent survey by mobile payment innovator Zapp and CEBR (Centre for Economics and Business Research) found that over a fifth of all UK online shopping sales – equating to £9.3 billion per year – take place during people’s daily commute.

TGI tells us that 22% - just over one in five - of UK adults use their mobile for shopping. When we asked our regular commuters the same question, we found that 62% - just over three in five – use their mobile for shopping. Of these, 36% do so on the train (source: Dipsticks December 2015).

This demonstrates that Traincards are particularly valuable for generating on-commute sales. Traincards’ audience is captive, confident in technology, seeking distraction for an average 40 minute journey time, and, of course, above ground, with increasingly efficient, ubiquitous on-train, on-platform Wi-Fi networks.

Retailers have a great opportunity to tap into consumer behaviour via out-of-home advertising to maximise campaign effectiveness. KBH talks about the difference this can make. Read the article here.

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On-train browsing and buying supported by overwhelming connected device use
Rail users are spending half their journey time on a connected device, according to research by KBH On-Train Media, the UK’s largest on-train media company.
The Dipsticks study of more than 2000 rail users aged between 18 and 64, travelling at least weekly, looks into the behaviour of rail users and reveals a truly connected audience with 92% of travellers owing a smartphone and 90% using
the device while on a train.

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