There are 7.1 million in-touch train travellers and 4.6 million commuters travelling on the KBH On-Train media network every 4 weeks. We have updated the profiles of our four ‘persons of interest’ who make up the majority of today’s commuting audience.

All are on-train regulars and have a wide range of attitudes, hobbies and interests that make them very attractive to advertisers. An audience of 'Champions', they are knowledgeable, well-connected and passionate about their chosen specialised subjects. Show them an ad for a category that matters to them, and they will spread the message and their enthusiasm for it throughout their extensive network of contacts, amplifying the effectiveness and reach of that original ad.

Please read below for topline details on each, or to find out all about them, download the new brochure.

Source: TGI Q3 2015 / ORR 2013-2014

Affluent Professional: investing in the finer things in life

Affluent Professional

This group accounts for 23% of the KBH On-Train Media’s commuting audience. They are proud home owners, canny investors, high-end holiday-makers, lovers of luxury. 48% own their home and admit that they are "generally happy to pay a premium for superior quality and service". 66% (index 122) hold two or more credit cards and 21% have invested in stocks and shares (index 126). News and current affairs are important, with 43% (index 190) accessing the internet to read e-versions of their newspapers.

Modern Family: life - fit to burst

Modern Family

KBH's second largest demographic, accounting for 19% of the commuting audience. The Modern Family is a Jobs and Careers 'Champion', very driven to succeed for the sake of their family. 47% want to get to the top of their career (index 196). They spend a lot of money on food to cook at home, with the average weekly shop 12% above main shopper average. 62% admit they find it difficult to do everything, and therefore they take advantage of online services: 66% regularly shop online and 45% use the internet to buy groceries.

Intellectual Urbanite: learn more, work more, play more

Intellectual Urbanite

Accounting for 25% of the KBH commuting audience. This well educated, career-focused character is typically creative, ethical and open-minded, a 'Champion' of film and music. 25% are heavy cinema-goers (index 153) and 21% have been to the theatre in the last three months. 51% have a degree, and are more likely (index 156) to look on their work as a career, not just a job. The Intellectual Urbanite is tech-savvy: 68% regularly access the internet several times a day through their mobile (index 165) and 47% constantly check their mobile for messages.

Influential Youth: discovering, spending and living

Influential Youth

Ambitious, money-motivated and tech-savvy Influential Youth makes up 20% of the KBH commuting audience. Music is a huge part of their lives, and 39% have been to a gig in the last 12 months (index 169). They're adventurous eaters, choosing to go for tapas (index 238) and sushi (index 434). They don't cook so they keep up with restaurant trends - 32% (index 184) agree they like trendy places to eat and drink. They are more likely (index 241) to watch TV on their mobile. 50% want to get to the very top of their career (index 205).