In 2016, KBH On-Train Media turns 18. We’ve grown up and established ourselves as a key piece of the out-of-home media jigsaw. But it’s not about what we are, it’s about what we do.

Presenting the Traincard Toolkit – the nine key benefits that traincards add to a plan, both separately and together with other OOH formats.

AmplifierThe Amplifier

Traincards bring additional impacts to a campaign. Adding 6000 traincards to 6000 tube car panels will increase impacts by 38%, with the added benefit of connectivity (source: Route 2015).

ExtenderThe Extender

Traincards extend campaigns and push them beyond the borders of London. 42% of our commuters travel from outside the London ITV region, with 1.2 million of them never using the Underground (source: TGI Q1 2016; London Rail Terminal Report 2011).

ReminderThe Reminder

Traincards are a regular reminder to consumers. A 9000 traincard pack will be seen six times over a two week campaign (source: Route 2015 LSE).

ConnectorThe Connector

Traincards have the advantage of being able to extend a message online instantaneously through on-train mobile connectivity. This connectivity is becoming more prevalent and more important and traincards are in prime position to push people online.

Conversation StarterThe Conversation Starter

Traincards get people talking. A third of people who have seen an ad have spoken about it with others and with 83% of consumers acting on word of mouth recommendations, generating conversation is key. (Sources: Dipsticks 2015; Neilsen Global Trust in Advertising Sept 2015)

Idea GeneratorThe Idea Generator

Traincards spark new ideas. Almost half have researched something they have seen advertised on a train – with 37% doing so straight away on the train. (Source: Dipsticks 2015)

PlannerThe Planner

Traincards help plan. Whether it’s a meal that night, a leisure activity on the weekend or a holiday in the summer, traincards fill in the gaps when consumers have the time to think about these decisions.

Purchase PrompterThe Purchase Prompter

Traincards drive sales. The affluent traincard audience use their phones for shopping three times more than the UK average. A quarter of people who see traincards go on to purchase what they’ve seen, with 28% doing so right away. (Source: Dipsticks 2015)

TargeterThe Targeter

Traincards are local. As well as full network coverage, traincards can also be targeted to a localised train line, offering smaller advertisers the opportunity to focus on their local audience.