Our latest research undertaking saw us delve deeper into the daily lives of our commuter audience. We already knew how connected they were, especially on the train – 90% use a smartphone during their commute, with about 50% of the journey spent on it.

What we wanted to do was understand exactly how that device time formed part of their day.

To do this we installed an app on the smartphones of 8 commuters for a fortnight. The app tracked all of their on-device, online activity – the apps they opened, the websites they browsed and the search terms they used.

For the full findings, download the PDF; for a synopsis, see below:

Influential Youth:

  • Highly connected for both work and leisure.
  • Uses device to prepare for work and then prepare for leisure.
  • Sees device as a hub for information and admin due to its simple convenience.
  • Throughout the day is particularly interested in fashion and beauty and last-minute entertainment opportunities. 

Intellectual Urbanite:

  • Is very active online during commute – switching between numerous apps and websites.
  • Loves a bargain and not only uses the device to shop, but to shop around for the best price.
  • Keeping up to date is important, both in current affairs and staying in touch with their friends.

Modern Family:

  • Uses the device as a bit of an escape – various gaming apps used throughout the day, especially on the commute home.
  • Researches future leisure activities and travel destinations.
  • Stays in touch with non-work contacts throughout the day via email and instant message.
  • Keeps abreast of the daily news in the morning and then again in the evening. 

Affluent Professional:

  • Sees the device as an extension of their office – work emails checked constantly from the morning commute right through until late evening.
  • Uses it to plan meetings and events with the calendar being well utilised throughout the day.
  • Has brief periods of downtime to listen to music or watch video-on-demand.