With more and more people ditching the car and hopping on a train, advertising on-board has never been more beneficial. Over 60,000 Traincard panels are out in force each day targeting affluent commuters across London and the South East who spend an average of 40 minutes on-board each way. All told, Traincards reach a massive 7.5 million highly-connected rail users every 4 weeks.

Don't just take our word for it...

We asked our audience about what they do on their train journey and how they respond to Traincard advertising.



The Traincard context: uniquely effective

The Amplifier

Traincards increase the amount of times a campaign is seen – adding 6000 Traincards (lightweight) to 6000 Tube Car Panels will mean the amount of times it is seen will increase by 38%. 

The Extender

42% of our audience travel from outside London and 1.2 million of them never use the Underground.

The Reminder

Traincards will be seen multiple times – a two-week 9000 Traincard (medium-weight) campaign will be seen 5 times on average.

The Connector

On-train connectivity means that a Traincard campaign message can be extended onto mobile devices.

The Conversation Starter

33% of those who see Traincards have talked to someone about an on-train ad they’ve seen.

The Research Instigator

48% of those who see Traincards have researched something seen advertised on a train.

The Planner

Whether to plan a night in, a night out or a few nights away, Traincards are full of ideas viewed at a point when consumers have time to think about these decisions.

The Purchase Prompter

24% of those who see Traincards have bought something seen advertised on the train – 28% of them doing so immediately.

The Targeter

Traincards can be targeted to a specific train line, offering advertisers the opportunity to focus on their local audience.